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Chapter 1: Introduction
The common library files required for running the programs can be downloaded from this link.
Standard Python libraries numpy and matplotlib need to be installed for running the computer programs.
# Short Problem Description Manual solution Computer solution
1 Is the flow incompressible? q01.pdf q01.py
2 Gravitational force acting on a spacecraft q02.pdf q02.py
3 Units conversion q03.pdf q03.py
4 Isentropic process q04.pdf q04.py
5 Conservation of energy q05.pdf q05.py
6 Conservation of mass q06.pdf q06.py
7 Thrust developed by jet engine q07.pdf q07.py
8 Jet efflux velocity q08.pdf q08.py
9 Thrust with afterburner q09.pdf q09.py
10 Thrust developed by rocket q10.pdf q10.py
11 Effect of ambient pressure on thrust q11.pdf q11.py
12 Mass flow rate of hydrogen q12.pdf q12.py
13 Jet propulsion system for an automobile q13.pdf q13.py
14 Flow of CO2 with heat addition q14.pdf q14.py
15 Heat exchanger q15.pdf q15.py
16 Force acting on nozzle of rocket engine q16.pdf q16.py

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